Sunday, April 18, 2010

Does Your Company Need a Social Media Manager Yet?

In 2010, Companies are finally realizing consumers no longer want to be screamed at with one-way monologue messages but want to be engaged in a two-way dialogue with their favorite brands.

If 2009 has been the year of companies thinking about using Social Media then 2010 is the year of Social Media execution for companies.

I do see a pitfall for companies in 2010. As usual with late adopting companies they are now rushing to play catch up with implementing a Social Media program. In their haste they are looking to hire "Social Media Managers" but without really understanding what the job entails.

We all want the greater adoption of Social Media Programs by companies but they need to slow down, understand the what, why, and how of Social Media, develop a Social Media strategy, and then look to hire the right talent to fill those roles.

There is a big difference between tweeting on Twitter and understanding how the Twitter Communication channel can be leveraged by a company to achieve their defined goals.

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