Sunday, April 18, 2010

How about Public Engagement?


My travel to South by Southwest this past March reaffirmed my believe in how quickly Communication is changing.
As communication shifts to 1 to 1 engagement I can’t help but believe the power will also shift towards the strengths associated with PR professionals from the Traditional Agencies. PR Professionals are trained early on to realize the value of building relationships over advertising. This relationship based approach over paid advertising is why I believe PR is poised to finally take its rightful position as the leader in any communication plan moving forward.

The evolution of 1 to 1 engagement will continue to accelerate as Digital Communication continues to prove its value over the waning successes of Traditional Advertising.
Here is the wikipedia definition of Public Relations...
Public relations (PR) is a profession that includes the functions of communication, community relations, crisis management, customer relations, employee relations, government affairs, industry relations, investor relations, media relations, mediation, publicity, speech-writing, and visitor relations.
By the PR definition above you can easily see why in a Communication World defined by 1 to 1 engagement Public Relations is the 1st stop to ensuring a successful strategy. The future of communication is engagement so why not update the perception of PR to reflect its new position as the leader in communication strategy by moving away from the name PR and updating the name to Public Engagement reflecting the Communication Evolution we are in.
I am also willing to suggest the new field of Consumer Engagement. Any professional field that puts the consumer at the center of the communication strategy has an advantage over the professionals stuck in the dying Traditional Marketing approach.
How do you see the future of Communication playing out?

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Evolution of Communication

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