Sunday, April 18, 2010

Are we in a Social Media Bubble?

Umair Haque likes to believe we are in a Social Media Bubble.

He recently wrote a piece for the Harvard Business Review titled "The Social Media Bubble" where he creates his "theory" to completely discredit the value of relationships that are formed through Social Media.

Screen shot 2010-03-24 at 1.23.12 PM

Let's start with the obvious issue coming from Umair writing such a post about relationships in Social Media...he doesn't create any! Look at the picture above and notice how many followers Umair has compared to how many he follows. Obviously Umair is not trying to develop relationships on Twitter so how can he pretend to write honestly about relationship development on Social Media channels.

My suggestion is to try and press that little Follow Button on Twitter once and a while to open yourself up to building meaningful relationships on Social Media. It is tough to build relationships if you are a 1-way communicator.

I have personally hired someone I met through Twitter and have developed countless longstanding relationships through Social Media.

It is very understandable for people stuck in a Traditional mindset to believe this "Social Media Thing" is a fad but I would be scared if I was a company trying to make sense of the future of Communication with someone leading the charge who cannot see the Revolution of Communication we are in right now!

Umair...I suggest you pick up the book "Engage" by Brian Solis to help you remove the blinders you are wearing and awaken to the reality that the Traditional approach to reaching consumers is going away. One to one to many is the future of Engagement with consumers.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, theories, etc. but they are also open to criticism of their views without being considered hateful. Healthy debate is what learning is about.

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